THE MAINE MINDFULNESS PROJECT - Meditation feels good, creates peace and supports well being.
“The level of relaxation I attained just by using my breath correctly was amazing! The Maine Mindfulness Project is extraordinary and is exactly what is needed to help people learn to lessen stress and pain simply by breathing properly. I am consistently impressed by Lisa's enthusiasm and ability to teach people of all ages and backgrounds.  Her patience and encouragement during my recuperation from surgery and battle with cancer made a world of difference to my quality of life.  Thank you!”
-Elizabeth A. Cote
"I think of you as a trusted advisor and am grateful that you have decided to pursue this line of work.  It is much needed by so many...  
I learned a lot in tonight's meditation session. I feel different already even after just one class!   I will definitely be doing the homework." 
-Michelle Clarke
"Weekly meditation sessions have helped me to stay focused and motivated during one of the most hectic times in my life. Being able to take just a few minutes to calm down and become aware of my surroundings has been infinitely helpful when the responsibilities I have taken on in life seem unmanageable."  
-Elias Pitegoff, Yarmouth HS senior and President of the Student Senate
"I am in the middle of post season individual meetings with the women.  Alexa Barry brought up the work she did with you and how she feels it significantly changed her outlook regarding free throws.  She really credited you for her successes.  I don’t know how much you followed us at the end, but Alexa is the absolute best young woman and really stepped up her play in our final games.  Anyway, I wanted to say thanks again for all that you did and I certainly look forward to doing something next year."
-Adrienne Shibles, Head Women's Basketball Coach, Bowdoin College
"You don't understand how huge this is for me. I never chanted or meditated before, but I love doing it because afterwards I feel so positive I can't even imagine being negative!  That is really huge for someone like me who is much more used to being in a negative frame of mind."
-18 year old male inmate at Long Creek Youth Development Center
-Jackson, Yarmouth HS senior
"I hope your teaching reaches every corner of the world!"
-Tsering Lhamo, student at Siddhartha School, Ladakh, India
“At first, I was uncertain about what to expect when I signed up for a meditation session instead of study hall, but a friend on the football team recommended it and now I know why – the experience in my first meditation session of was amazing!  No one ever explained how I could breathe to relax and focus.  I think Ms. Blake should go into every high school to teach students this technique.  I wish she could teach us more than once a week." 
-Tom, sophomore at Yarmouth HS
"When I heard Ms. Blake talk about breathing and how people often start smoking to relax, I told her what they really need is a 'breath break,' not a cigarette break!"
-Studentat Yarmouth HS 
"My mother was really happy that my school was supporting me by offering the meditation sessions. She said she thinks it should be made available as a regular option."
-Asa, sophomore at Yarmouth HS 
"The children were completely engaged and every one of them was participating.  It was awesome to see them sitting in meditation with people their parents' age!"  
-Judy,Co-director of youth education First Parish Church, Yarmouth 
"Thank you so much for coming to Casco Bay High School.  We started a morning meditation group that meets each day before school after your visit.  Come back and sit with us again."
-Michael Hale, Guidance Councelor Casco Bay HS
"Part of meditation's appeal is that it feels really good by helping us to relax and be in the present moment.  By simply using our breath to slow down and get in touch with our body~mind connection we are able to experience an immediate sense of peace and relaxation.  
I have taught thousands of people of all ages and races and religious backgrounds. And I always ask to find out if anyone did not experience some benefit.  Never once have I  heard anyone say they did not like what they experienced the very first time they tried it."
-Lisa V. Blake, M.A. 
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