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About Us
The Maine Mindfulness Project is based on the belief that happiness, well being and a peaceful life are of the utmost importance to people everywhere.  
Meditation is a part of spiritual traditions worldwide. We are building on this platform to extend the practice as a low cost, transformative approach to enhance individual well being, create peace in the world and as a new trajectory in education and health care. 
Our externally focused, fast paced lives call for practices to support our embodied peace and happiness in order to maintain health, stamina and clarity. These include eating well, getting enough rest and physical exercise. Of course, it is also very useful to have an internal practice to elicit relaxation and quiet focus to actually create peace within.  
This is where the practice of meditation comes in.  Meditation helps us to apply engaged intention to create happy, healthy, peaceful and productive lives.
It is a proven healing technique; recent studies of long term meditation practitioners and brain research conitnue to confirm the practice provides many benefits for maintaining or regaining health and wellness as well as physically change the structure of the brains. Mindfulness, or calm abiding, is one of the tools we use in engaged awareness.  Analytical meditation is another.  These two meditative tactics are often compared to two wings of a bird; each is necessary for proper flight. 
And there are thousands of other meditation techniques.  Our aim is to provide meditation sessions to help you meet your goals and more deeply enjoy the path you are on.
Founder: Lisa V. Blake, M.A.
Ms. Blake completed her Masters degree, summa cum laude, from Bangor Theological Seminary where she designed an independent study to focus on the various contemplative and meditative practices in world wisdom traditions with a specific interest in bridging the spiritual and secular to bring the most benefit to the greatest number of people, regardless of their religious tradition.
"TRY MEDITATION BEFORE MEDICATION ©."  In 2009, Ms. Blake established a Meditation Practice at True North, Maine's Center for Functional and Complimentary Health.  She introduced patients to mindfulness practices as an alternative approach to help people make better decisions around health, diet, exercise, insomnia and high blood pressure as a non-medicated method for healing.  She recorded many success stories according to client feedback.
The other primary objective of the Maine Mindfulness Project is to teach  mindfulness meditation in educational settings to enhance learning, reduce stress, build optimal learning environments, and to call attention to making better eating choices and exercise in order to eliminate childhood obesity.  
Ms. Blake first taught meditation in the classroom on 09/12/2001 to 80 sixth grade students in Kona, Hawaii as a response to the events of 09/11. Since then, she has taught thousands of people to use meditation to enhance learning, create relaxation, explore spiritual wisdom, enjoy well being and create awareness.  In every life circumstance a peaceful mind and clear heart are immeasurably beneficial to help bring about peace.
In 2005 she was invited to teach meditation at the Siddhartha School in Ladakh, India.  She has returned to teach there many times  and is on the nonprofit Siddhartha School Project board of directors.  

Listen to a radio interview on with the Godspeed Institute for Spiritual Learning where she discusses her spiritual path, Buddhism, her teacher Khen RInpoche Tsetan,education and how she found her way to the Siddhartha School.
She has attended over 30 days of teachings and conferences with His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, and has been a student of Khen RInpoche Lobzang Tsetan since 2002.
Click on this link for a wonderful article profiling Lisa and her work through the Maine Mindfulness Project in Maine  Magazine:
Ms. Blake was awarded the National Association of Professional Women's Wellness Award in 2009.  In 2010, she was named A Leading Woman in Maine for her volunteer work teaching meditation to incarerated youth in Maine. She was inducted into Cambridge's Who's Who in 2011. 
She is currently writing a meditation manual, Turn Off, Unplug, Tune In: A Meditation Guide for Teenagers (& Their Parents), as well as a classroom curriculum, Classroom Management: How to Use Breath (not Voice) to Keep the Peace.
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