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Maine Mindfulness Project  is dedicated to helping people learn to create inner peace, deeper happiness, and healthy practices for harmonious living.

"In every circumstance the person who is able to be present to others with a compassionate heart and wise mind is immeasurably beneficial. That process starts from within."  
                               Lisa V. Blake

The practice of meditation supports personal growth and transformation.  People of all ages and backgrounds are able to experience calm awareness and peace in only 2-5 minutes of a simple breathing practice.  Cultivating awareness leads to a new found sense of presence.  Being present and curious allows us to experience our mind-body connection in entirely new ways.  Many people report a deepened sense of calm and happiness.    
This new trajectory in secular education, health care and personal growth honors a universally held practice with sacred roots in the Buddhist tradition.  Its benefits can be applied in secular settings through calm abiding breathing, present moment awareness and learning to cultivate compassion.  

Without any references to the origins of the practice, people of all backgrounds, beliefs and ages can gain benefit from these techniques.    

An ancient Buddhist sutra states: If you would like to move comfortably over the world, it is better to put on a pair of shoes than to try to cover the entire earth with leather. Breath meditation, awareness and compassion allow us to create comfort in our own body-mind continuum so that we can navigate every circumstance of life.
Unplug. Sit down, Tune In.©
Our 21st century externally and electronically focused fast paced lives call for practices to support our embodied peace and happiness in order to maintain health, stamina and clarity. These include eating well, getting enough rest and physical exercise.  

In addition, it is very useful to have an internal practice to elicit relaxation and quiet focus to induce peace.  
Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation are proven healing techniques.  Recent studies of long term Tibetan Buddhist meditation practitioners and brain research continue to confirm these practices provide many benefits for maintaining or regaining health and wellness, and physically change the structure of the brain creating new pathways of perception and experience.
The story goes that when Western scientists researching the effects of meditation first demonstrated the sensory caps to sit on the head, the group of long term monk meditators broke out laughing. The scientists assumed that it was the funny look of the cap, but actually the monks were laughing that the sensors would only be placed on the head and not other areas of the body, like the heart center. 
We provide meditation sessions that will help you meet your goals and aspirations for health, happiness and well being. 
Founder: Lisa V. Blake, M.A.
Ms. Blake completed her graduate work summa cum laude from Bangor Theological Seminary where she designed an independent study focusing on various contemplative and meditative practices through practical applications in secular settings.  
These range from intentional eating, sitting meditation, walking meditation, breathing meditation, contemplative journaling, sound meditation, contemplative photography and ecological preservation.  
In addition to teaching in Maine and New England,she teaches around the world in a variety of settings.  She has participated in numerous international events for World Peace and Healing.

It is her deepest joy to bring the greatest benefits to people as reported by their own positive experiences of meditation. 
For an introduction to Lisa, listen here to Spirit Quest Radio:

In 2009, Ms. Blake established a Meditation Practice at True North, Maine's Center for Functional and Complimentary Health.  She introduced patients to mindfulness practices as an alternative approach to help people make better decisions around health, diet, exercise, insomnia, high blood pressure, cancer diagnosis, and death and dying.
She is a recognized meditation master practitioner, healer and teacher having recorded many success stories according to client healing and feedback. 
Maine Mindfulness Project teaches meditation in a variety of settings: colleges and universities, high school-elementary schools, professionals, adolescent prisoners, doctors and nurses, therapists, guidance councilors, lawyers, patients, interfaith and Buddhist groups.  When the labels and settings are stripped away it comes down to this: We are all human beings with the same desire for peace and happiness.  Our true humanity begins from within.  In addition to helping each person benefit, meditation helps to build optimal learning and work environments, draw community closer together and create a more peaceful, enlightened society.
Ms. Blake first taught meditation in the classroom on 09/12/2001 to 80 sixth grade students in Kona, Hawaii as a response to the events of 09/11. Since then she has taught meditation to enhance learning, create relaxation, gain wisdom,  promote health, reform society and initiate peaceful social change through deeper awareness. 
A practicing Buddhist in the Mahayana Gelugpa tradition, she has studied extensively for over a decade with her root teacher Kachen Khen RInpoche Lobzang Tsetan and His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama.  In 2005 she was invited to teach meditation at the Siddhartha School in Ladakh, India and has returned to teach there many times and was a member of the non-profit's board of directors for several years.   
Listen to a radio interview on with the Godspeed Institute for Spiritual Learning where she discusses her spiritual path, Buddhism, Khen RInpoche Tsetan and the Siddhartha School.
Click on this link for a wonderful article profiling Lisa and her work through the Maine Mindfulness Project in Maine  Magazine:

Awards/Leadership Recognition 
  • 2009 Awarded the National Association of Professional Women's Wellness Award 
  • 2010 Named A Leading Woman in Maine for her volunteer work teaching meditation to incarcerated youth in Maine. 
  • 2010 Selected as a speaker to be part of the first TEDx Independent Event Exploring the Edge 
  • 2011 Inducted into Cambridge's Who's Who.  
  • 2012 Invited to teach meditation at International Natural Healing conference in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2013 Featured speaker at Master Healer's conference Universal Vibrations of Love: Song, Sound and Silence. Harmonic Living in the 21st Century Hong Kong, China.   
  • 2013 Selected by the International Women's Leadership Association as a woman of outstanding leadership 
  • 2014 Spiritual guide to India, Mystical Mamas Tour, sacred sites of Buddhism and Hinduism
  • Selected as Program Leader for Parliament of World's Religions 2015 Conference.  HARMONY OF LOVE: Sounds of Silence, Calls to Awakening, an Innerfaith Meditation. 
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