MAINE MINDFULNESS PROJECT - Health and Happiness. Breath by Breath.
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Explore the connection between breath and inspiration: Watch and learn a short meditation technique to learn to breathe peace.
Welcome to the Maine Mindfulness Project
We are part of a growing worldwide movement to teach and promote the practice of meditation as a way of awakening personal potential to create global peace, well being and happiness.  
Learning to live with a peaceful mind and compassionate heart leads to Inspired Presence Evolution.  Practicing momentary mindfulness of body, speech and mind leads us to practice a broader continuity of mindfulness of our life choices, healthy habits and positive purpose.  

As more and more people and social environments are guided by practices that value peace, wisdom, positivity, equanimity and compassion all of humanity will benefit in a multitude of ways. 


Meditation: What is it?
The phrase 'to meditate' can mean many things: to examine, observe, reflect, question, weigh.  In Sanskrit to become,  in Tibetan:  to make familiar.   
Meditation is a practice to bring deeper understanding of what we mean by mind or consciousness.  Meditation practice allows us to notice how mind operates, is constantly active and engaged, operating on habituation and offers the opportunity to observe how things will quiet and settle if there is another way to pay attention.   

By learning how to identify and arrive in state of mind that is naturally present and innately aware through a gradual process  we broaden our practices of calm abiding, skillful analytical insight and compassionate wisdom.
Mindfulness is awareness and intuition of perception, sensation and conceptual thought.  It is a nonjudgmental quality of mind which does not anticipate the future or reflect back on the past.  It is a state of relaxed alert consciousness abiding in the present moment.
Mindfulness Meditation is a mind/body practice to help us achieve balance mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

We learn to guard the gates of body, speech and mind to place attention more closely on what we do, say, think and experience as well as how we impact ourself and our surroundings.  It is a process to investigate consciousness and reality .  We come to appreciate how deeply interconnected our moment to moment existence arises based on the preceding moments, choices, habits and perspective.
We see clearly how much we have in common with others, in wanting happiness, and wanting to avoid suffering.   And also how very often we are creatures of habit, caught in our own patterns, opinions, and views without being able to open up to let new perspectives and fresh awareness come in. 
A compassionate seed of connection planted in the tranquil   ground of peace blooms into a beautiful mind of awakening. 
      Meditation = Multiple Benefits Through Practice
  • Makes you feel happier and more at peace
  • Helps maintain overall mind-body health and wellness
  • Improves concentration and learning ability
  • Mind/body relaxation
  • Create healthy living, learning and work environments
  • Promotes joy and productivity
  • Better decision making and reports of higher self-esteem
  • Induces positive behavior change
  • Reduces blood pressure and stress 
  • Supports non-violent conflict resolution
  • A natural cure for insomnia
  • Antidote to depression, negativity, stress and anxiety 
  • Leads to enlightened awareness of the nature of reality
It is highly beneficial to learn from a practitioner who has trained with skillful teachers.  There are many ways and places to meditate: alone, with a group, indoors or outside. There is a practice for everyone that works and discovering that for yourself is truly amazing. 
View our class schedule and contact us to attend a session today.
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