THE MAINE MINDFULNESS PROJECT - Meditation feels good, creates peace and supports well being.
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Explore the connection between breath and inspiration: Watch and learn a short meditation technique for your happiness, health and relaxation.
Welcome to the Maine Mindfulness Project!
We are part of a growing worldwide movement to teach and promote the practice of meditation as a way to enhance life,  improve health, increase happiness, and create global peace. 
Mindfulness Meditation: What is it?
The phrase 'to meditate' can mean many things: to examine, observe, reflect, question, weigh.  In Sanskrit, it also has more profound meaning: to become.  
Meditation is a practice to bring deeper understanding of what we mean by mind.  To notice how it operates, keeps itself constantly active, gets full to overflowing and soon needs to be emptied and refreshed.  We learn how to identify the stillness that is naturally present but often gets drowned out. Gradually learning to go deeper into an exploration of reality through practices of calm abiding and skillful analytical insight.
Mindfulness is awareness of perception. It is a nonjudgmental quality of mind which does not anticipate the future or reflect back on the past.  It is consciousness abiding in the present moment.
Mindfulness Meditation is a mind/body practice.  First we become more familiar with how the mind works and then we learn to apply single pointed concentration on going to deeper levels of awareness.  This practice helps us achieve balance mentally, physically, and emotionally.  For example, using a simple object to focus on (commonly breath) the practice helps to eliminate stress, create inner harmony, improve well being even in as little as a 2 minute session.  
Secular and Spiritual Applications with multiple benefits:
  • Helps maintain overall health and wellness
  • Improves concentration and learning ability
  • Mind/body relaxation
  • Leads to spiritual awakening and awareness
  • Experience inner peace
  • Creates a healthy learning and work environment
  • Promotes happiness and productivity
  • Better decision making through clear thinking
  • Reports of higher self-esteem
  • Induces positive behavior change
  • Reduces blood pressure and stress 
  • Supports non-violent conflict resolution
  • Cures insomnia and restless sleeping 
  • Independent functioning for children dealing with ADHD/ADD
  • Antidote to depression, negativity, stress, and anxiety 
There are many ways and places to meditate: alone, with a group, indoors or outside. There is a practice for everyone that works and discovering that for yourself is truly amazing.  It is highly beneficial to learn from a practitioner who has trained with skillful teachers.   
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